stevia farmingStevia Corp. provides the full spectrum of Farm Management services to operate its own plantations, manage its contract farms and service industry growers. 

Superior stevia plant varieties are developed or acquired and seedlings are produced utilizing an advanced propagation technique that improves quality and efficiency.  Stevia Corp. develops the local SOP (standard operating procedures) manual specific to each location and plant variety and provides all inputs including a proprietary crop production system utilizing a licensed formulation technology and Micro Suspension technology which produces fertilizers that are far more efficient and cost effective than current chemical fertilizers.

Stevia Corp. has acquired a portfolio of highly efficient and environmentally friendly crop nutrition products for crops and environmental care.  These products are performance minerals, plant phyto-chemicals, functional nutrients and microbial formulations.  All products are derived from natural sources and can be used as sustainable agriculture solutions and/or for organic farming.

Stevia Corp. delivers a full spectrum of agriculture solutions for stevia growers.

Company Overview

Company Overview

Stevia Corp invests heavily in R&D and IP acquisition and manages its own propagation, nursery and plantations as well as provides services to contract growers and other industry growers…

Keys to Success

Company Overview

Stevia Corp delivers a full spectrum of agriculture solutions for stevia growers.