Stevia Corp. has identified the following medium term objectives:

Business Objectives

  • Develop 100 Ha of field trials in year two
  • Scale 1,000 Ha in year three
  • Become a premium stevia agribusiness solution provider in Asia
  • Reach EBITDA profitability by end of year three
  • Develop and/or acquire additional IP and profit centers
  • Continuously focus on IP and maintain dominant crop performance techniques

Market Objectives

  • Expand service markets beyond Asia to the US and other markets
  • Establish brand awareness for agri products and services
  • Position Stevia Corp. as a leading Stevia agribusiness company

Company Overview

Company Overview

Stevia Corp invests heavily in R&D and IP acquisition and manages its own propagation, nursery and plantations as well as provides services to contract growers and other industry growers…

Keys to Success

Company Overview

Stevia Corp delivers a full spectrum of agriculture solutions for stevia growers.