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Natural Sweetener Offers Choice To Sugar-Conscious Consumers

Natural Sweetener Offers Choice To Sugar-Conscious Consumers

Tea and coffee lovers can now add sweetness to their hot beverages with a centuries-old natural sweetener that doesn't compromise on taste, thanks to Equal Stevia, the latest addition to Equal's range of sweeteners.

Equal Stevia, which has just hit the shelves in New Zealand, is made with extracts of the Stevia plant. Stevia, a member of the Chrysanthemum family which grows in South America and parts of Asia, has been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years and is already used to sweeten foods and beverages all over the world.

Rachel Aldridge, General Manager - Asia Pacific of Merisant, the company behind the Equal brand said, "Moving to a plant-based natural sweetening ingredient is an exciting first for Equal and we're delighted that with the launch of Equal Stevia, we can offer our customers in New Zealand a great tasting product, as they expect from Equal, now with natural stevia as the sweetening ingredient.

"We pride ourselves on listening to consumers and responding to their changing needs, and Equal Stevia is very much a response to the growing demand for more natural products."

Equal Stevia has been developed especially for sweetening hot drinks. As it's made with the natural sweetener stevia, it has 98% less kilojoules than sugar* and is ideal for those watching their weight or diabetics. Equal Stevia gives a naturally sweetened solution with the convenience of a tablet pack.

"As people with diabetes have to manage their glucose intake carefully, they've told us that sometimes it can feel like they're missing out. Sweeteners like Equal Stevia will give people with diabetes greater flexibility with their beverage choices," said Rachel Aldridge.

Nutritionist Nikki Hart agrees that the new product offers more choice.

"Equal Stevia is a great option for those who want to sweeten their hot drinks in a more natural way while watching their kilojoule intake. Replacing sugar with Equal Stevia, along with regular physical activity and a healthy diet, may also help people achieve their weight management goals," said Nikki Hart.

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