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stevia-leaves-rootsData across all key indicators suggest that consumer demand and consumption of high purity stevia sweetened products is accelerating.

High purity stevia is being consumed in more countries, more brands, more SKUs and with more repeat purchases and product roll-outs than in each period measured before.

Unprecedented Product Development

2008 - FDA Approval - Stevia launches in USA

2009 - Stevia U.S. sales share surpasses saccharine and aspartame. 

Today - More than 6,000 food, drink, and medicinal products use Stevia.

Fact: 2010 saw 200% increase in Stevia product launches – momentum is growing.


Mintel New Product Database confirmed that the number of new product launches in 2010 increased by 200% over the previous year with product launches across thirty-five countries.  Nielsen data indicates that US sales totaled $809 million; an increase of 126% on the $357 million recorded in full-year 2009 and crossed 38 categories of Food & Beverages.  Euromonitor reported an 87% increase in product launches in 2010 in Europe and because stevia has yet to win full regulatory approval across Europe, the market still remains relatively untapped.

This is the first year that independent retail consumption data for stevia has been available.  The Nielsen based data shows that stevia is a rapidly growing industry and that stevia is developing into a broadly mainstream ingredient in foods and beverages.


Type of Approval (As of April 2011)

North America  
USA Food additive
Canada Dietary supplement
Mexico Food additive
Latin America  
Argentina Food additive
Brazil Dietary supplement
Chile Food additive
Colombia Food additive
Ecuador Food additive
Paraguay Food additive
Peru Food additive
Uruguay Food additive
Venezuela Food additive
Asia Pacific  
Australia Food additive
Brunei Food additive
China Food additive
Hong Kong Food additive
Indonesia Dietary supplement
Japan Food additive
Malaysia Food additive
New Zealand Food additive
Singapore Food additive
South Korea Food additive
Taiwan Food additive
Thailand Dietary supplement
Vietnam Dietary supplement
France Food additive
Switzerland Food additive
Russia Food additive


Company Overview

Company Overview

Stevia Corp invests heavily in R&D and IP acquisition and manages its own propagation, nursery and plantations as well as provides services to contract growers and other industry growers…

Keys to Success

Company Overview

Stevia Corp delivers a full spectrum of agriculture solutions for stevia growers.