Company President, George Blankenbaker (L) and newly appointed Technical Advisor for Aquaculture, Andrew Kaelin (R) at Stevia Corp. facility in China.

Crop nutrition forms a core component of Stevia Corp.’s Farm Management system and it is a highly specialized field and requires extensive experience and know-how to apply on crop-specific and country-specific areas.

All plantation land and current farming practices differ even for the same Stevia crop because of soil condition, climate, terrain, rainfall and different varieties of the same crop. Each plantation is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to crop nutrition. However, there are fundamental crop characteristics that are similar for a specific crop sector across countries. This allows a successful model in one country to be replicated in another country.

Our target markets are initially Vietnam and Indonesia where Stevia Corp. has contracted with growers and has established its own nurseries and test fields. Although Stevia Corp.’s priority is Asia, it has business opportunities in other Asian countries and the US and its services are not limited to specific countries.

Company Overview

Company Overview

Stevia Corp invests heavily in R&D and IP acquisition and manages its own propagation, nursery and plantations as well as provides services to contract growers and other industry growers…

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Company Overview

Stevia Corp delivers a full spectrum of agriculture solutions for stevia growers.