stevia-plantationGovernment Programs / Institutional Cooperation / Infrastructure


The Government has approved programs to grow stevia and to support farmers. Stevia Corp. will provide Farm Management services for these programs and will purchase the leaf produced under the current supply contracts that have been acquired.

Stevia Corp is negotiating formal cooperative agreements with agriculture institutes in several provinces whereby the institutes will provide research assistance, access to equipment for testing and land for field trials to help create economic stimulus for the farmers.

Stevia Corp will also collaborate with NGO’s (non governmental organizations) and conduct test pilots so that the NGO’s can introduce and fund stevia programs for the communities that they serve, which are located in poor rural areas in need of economically sound projects.

Vietnam is an established agricultural society that competes on the international markets for major commodities such as rice and it possesses excellent infrastructure with fields and locations easily accessible by car or lorry.  Most fields are located within hours of a major port city and logistics will not be a major concern.